All About TriviaLoop


I have had the idea for this site for a long time and wanted to put it together for people to enjoy. I am a big fan of trivia questions like those in Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit and other TV game shows. And since my past has been leading the development of websites for business as an IT manager, I finally decided to throw caution to the winds and take it on.

TriviaLoop is a place for people to enjoy a fun five question quiz daily. And why would people take the quiz?Because it is fun and to keep their brains sharp, quick and vibrant. Oh, plus in the future to WIN PRIZES. Think of this site as morning calistenics for the grey matter in your melon. Studies have proven that the best way to keep your mind young and strong is to exercise it.

So, take my quiz to combat the aging process. Do this and have fun keeping your synapes firing like when you were your sixteen years old. Keep coming back for the fun, while we improve the site. And add new features like daily quizzes, prizes, scoreboards, newsletters, membership benefits, discussions and reviews.

Thank you, have fun, and crank your brain,

John Zernick, Founder and Operator

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